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Maths Curriculum Correlation

M1Maths covers the maths generally taught in secondary school (or middle and high school) up to and including calculus.

The learning sequence broadly matches that used in most curricula, the ideas being assigned to levels in a way that makes for a logical progression which matches typical mathematical development and in which all pre-requisite ideas have been met when they are needed.

If the sequence in M1Maths is used, students should develop the appropriate and required learnings by the critical stages in their education and thus, learning should meet the requirements of authority curricula. Suggested detailed module sequences are available under Learning and Assessment Programs.

However, because curricula vary in detail between authorities, the M1Maths sequence may not match any authority curriculum or school program exactly. If it is necessary to match learning to an authority curriculum on a year-to year (or shorter-term basis), using M1Maths as a regular text for learning will require the modules to be matched to the elements of the curriculum or program in use.

Being Australian, I have done this for the Australian Years 7 to 10 syllabus and the Australian Years 11-12 General Maths and Maths Methods syllabus. Being a Queenslander, I have done the same for the Queensland Years 11-12 syllabuses. The links below will take you to the various tables. These tables can also be used as templates for correlation with other curricula.

I'm afraid I haven't done the same for other places. But, if anyone would like to produce them for their country or state, I would gladly include them here. Jessica Hooper has done this for the Western Australian Mathematics Applications syllabus, for which I am most grateful, and her work is included below.

Word documents need to be downloaded and opened in Word to display properly.

Australian Maths Curriculum

Years 7-10 Maths v8.4   (Implementation up to 2023)       pdf       docx

Years 7-10 Maths v9.0   (Implementation from 2024)       pdf       docx

A summary of the essential points of the Australian Years 7-10 Maths Curriculum v9.0 is provided here

The full Australian Curriculum v9.0 can be viewed at v9.australiancurriculum.edu.au

Years 11-12 General Maths       pdf       docx

Years 11-12 Maths Methods       pdf       docx

Queensland Maths Syllabuses

Years 11-12 Essential Maths      pdf       docx

Years 11-12 General Maths       pdf       docx

Years 11-12 Maths Methods       pdf       docx

Years 11-12 Specialist Maths       pdf       docx

Western Australia Maths Syllabuses

Years 11-12 Maths Applications      pdf       docx       (Courtesy of Jessica Hooper)

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