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Free Maths Websites

This is a list of good free websites for students of secondary maths under the six categories below.

Websites designed more for teachers are listed in the Extras for Teachers section.

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Video lessons on most secondary maths topics

Just search for the topic. Generally, many options available.

Khan Academy

Systemmatic lessons on maths topics from Year 1 to University

A vast site. Lessons are spoken and simultaneously hand-written/drawn.

Math Is Fun

Facts and explanations covering Years 7-10 maths

A good reference where one can easily look up mathematical facts. Well organised.

Math Planet

Written and video explanations of maths ideas, Years 7-10

American site. No practice.

BBC Bitesize

Explanations and examples covering secondary maths

Comprehensive coverage of secondary maths in the UK.


Video Maths lessons for middle school to college maths in the US


Video lessons for Years 5 to 10 and higher-level algebra.

American site connected to MATHhelp

Eddie Woo

Video'd lessons on secondary maths

Eddie Woo is a teacher in Sydney. This is his Youtube channel.


Text explanations and some examples and exercises covering the Australian curriculum to Year 10 and Maths Methods

Organised as modules.

Virtual Nerd

All seconday maths

Includes 1500 video lessons.

Weird Number

Equivalent Fractions

An entertaining animated story about natural numbers, rational numbers and equivalent fractions.


About 1000 videos covering secondary maths and some tertiary maths

Good explanations of how to do things, though not always why the methods work or applications of the methods.

Practice and Problems

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Includes modules on all Australian Curriculum topics up to Year 10 and Maths Methods

Text explanations and some examples and exercises.

What's going on in this graph?

Practice at interpreting and reading graphs

Various graphs from the New York Times containing real data.

Worksheet Generator

Arithmetic and algebra worksheets

Generated printable worksheets in arithmetica and basic algebra. Questions can be randomised so they are different each time.

Kuta Software

Worksheets for many Years 7-10 topics

Printable worksheets. Answers available. A pay site, but with a bit of free material avaliable.


A collection of questions, problems, puzzles, activities, instructional videos etc.

An extensive site produced by one person in the UK.

Project Euler

Several hundred mathematical problems suitable for solution by writing computer programs.

You can register your solutions. Each problem has been solved by hundreds to hundreds of thousands of users.


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A site where one can make up on-line quizzes on any topic. Multiple-choice questions are projected on a screen and students answer on an Internet-capable device and compete to get the top score.

Widely used in schools. Students enjoy it.

Cool Maths Games

Problem solving

Large collection of games, though many aren't terribly mathematical.


Game based on Years 1-8 Maths

Students have to solve maths problems to make progress.

Jefferson Lab

Arithmetic, Years 3-11

Site includes a small collection of maths games.

Arithmetic Four

Arithmetic, Years 2-8

A game that practises arithmetic.

Figure This

Arithmetic, Years 2-8

An NCTM site containing maths games and challenges. Designed to encourage families to do maths together.


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A graphing package for functions and geometry with various tools and other teaching/learning resources.

A site widely used in schools.


Many facilities, including graphing functions, plotting data, evaluating equations, exploring transformations.

A site widely used in schools.


A calculator which will do symbolic manipulations like solving equations, finding indefinite integrals etc.

Turtle Graphics

Online coding in Logo

Site that allows coding in Logo and turtle graphics


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Cut The Knot

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles.

Good for generating interest and spurring investigations.


Various, Years K-8

Games, books and videos involving maths

I Will Derive

Amusing song about calculus

Clever take-off of 'I Will Survive'. Worth showing to calculus students.

Mandelbrot Zoom

10^275 times zoom into the Mandelbrot Set

Trippy patterns of artistic merit as well as mathematical interest.

Mandelbrot Zoom

Video and song

A fairly shallow zoom into the Mandelbrot Set, but with a catchy song about the fractal. The song contains the f-word, though it's not very obvious.

Fractal Zoom

Zoom into various fractals

Artistic merit as well as mathematical interest.

Pendulum Waves

Video of a set of swinging balls

A set of balls with slightly differing frequencies produce various patterns.

Mathematical Quotations Server

Thousands of mathematical quotations

Fractal Art<

Collection of fractal art images

Artistic application of maths. Have to log in to Pinterest to see all images.

Maths Tricks

A large collection of mathematical tricks as well as other materials

Part of www.pedagonet.com

Resources for Teachers

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Various resources for maths teachers.

The NCTM public site.


Mathematics resources for children, parents and teachers

The Nrich Maths Project Cambridge, England. Designed to enrich learning.


Lesson resources for many topics P-10.

ACARA site.


Online manipulatives, worksheets etc for primary and secondary maths

A lot of stuff to browse.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Online manipulatives for many topics

Large collection. Requires Java. Can be a problem with some web browsers.


Jo Boaler's Mindset approach to Maths Eduction

American site for teachers


Database of resources for teachers including many for secondary maths

Searchable by subject and level. UK-based.

Other Sites

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All secondary maths with an emphasis on worked examples

A site which would complement M1Maths. It covers fairly much the same topics but with more worked examples.

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