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Except where otherwise stated, the M1Maths website (m1maths.com) is copyrighted under

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License CC BY-NC 4.0.

This allows the materials to be printed, copied, adapted and stored locally. It also allows them to be re-published for non-commercial purposes as long as clear attribution is made to m1maths.com.

Please contact David Ilsley on d.ilsley@gmail.com with inquiries re any other uses.

Some of the resources on this site are based on material David Ilsley produced for classroom use while working for the Queensland Department of Education. Queensland Department of Education material is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence CC BY 4.0.

Also, some of the resources are based on material he produced for classroom use while working for Canterbury College. These are used with permission.

Some sections, particularly 'Fractal Art', 'Maths Team Challenge' and 'Shared Resources', contain materials produced by other people. These are acknowledged in those sections. If reproducing those materials, please acknowledge 'the author on m1maths.com'.

The clip art is from Art Explosion 300 000 by Nova Development, purchased by David Ilsley.

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