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The following are some comments people have made about M1 Maths, mainly on Facebook groups. They are included here with permission. Further comments, complimentary or critical, are always welcome. (See the 'Contact' section above.)

This website is absolutely AMAZING and we use it regularly! Thank you for such a wonderful resource!

Michelle Pacey, Middle School Math Facebook Group

Thank you so much! So much effort but blessing so many especially me! The topics and levels are well-laid out, the font, size and spacing are reader-friendly. Love the interesting bits of background info that makes self-learning easy. Suitable for WA OLNA test revision, Primary Maths Extension (which I'll be using) and also good recap for Year 11/12 Essential/General Maths. I'd also be using the Maths Games! If you print/publish it into loose leaf folders, I'd buy it! For the love of Maths and learners, thank you!

Anna Tan, Middle School Math Facebook Group

These are so very well done David! This will save me so much time going ahead with online teaching, especially since I've always wanted to trial flipped classroom learning.

Piyumi Fernando, QLD Teachers Facebook Group

I recommend to all of you!!! Please go there, you will just love mathematics.

BroCharleskwaku Odoom De Optimistic, Math and Beyond Facebook Group

Thank you, David! This is such an amazing living legacy project and you are so generous to share it. It will be a huge help to us.

Alexandra Edgar, QLD Teachers Facebook Group

Thanks for sharing! I've just started my Maths teaching career so this really helps.

Yvette Millan, Mathematics Teachers of NSW Facebook Group

This is so incredibly generous of you. Having taught for 30+ years myself I know the work that would have gone into this. There's a special place in Heaven for you.

Jenny Cawood, Australian Secondary Mathematics Teachers 7-12 Facebook Group

This is amazing, David! I’m definitely using them and will let you know how I go. Thank you!

Neelam Naidu, Queensland Senior Mathematics Teachers Facebook Group

Thank you for sharing this TERRIFIC resource David Ilsley. We need more veteran teachers like yourself who are willing to help the next generation. May you be richly blessed for all your hard work. Thanks again mate.

Nile Sheep, Australian Secondary Mathematics Teachers 7-12 Facebook Group

I love the Settler/Zoomer resources.

Callum Day, Australian Secondary Mathematics Teachers 7-12 Facebook Group

I’ve used the lessons on modelling and they were fantastic.

Soph Em, Queensland Senior Mathematics Teachers Facebook Group

I would like to thank you very much for creating this website. It is such a great website. It is user friendly and has resources to both help in extending the high achievers and reinforcing concepts for the slow learners. Thank you so much for putting in so much effort to provide us teachers with such great resources.

Indra Kumar, Email communication

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